Important Science Short Questions

 What is Yagi aerial ?

A directional aerial consisting of one or two dipoles, a parallel reflector, and a series of directors in front of the dipole, so arranged that radiation is focused on to the dipole. It is used in television and radio astronomy

What is yard British ?

It is unit of length.

What is year ?

A measure of time, commonly understood to be the time taken by the Earth to complete its orbit round the Sun.

What are yeasts ?

Unicellular microorganisms producing zymase, which converts sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide and used in baking because the carbon dioxide produced causes the dough to rise.

What is yield point ?

 if a wire or rod of a material, (such as steel) is subjected to a slowly increasing tension, the elongation produced is at first proportional to the tension. If the tension is increased beyond the elastic limit, a point is reached at which a sudden increase in elongation occurs with only a small increase in tension, this is called yield point

What is Young's modulus ?

The elastic modulus applied to a stretched wire (or to a rod) under tension or compression, the ratio of the stress on a cross-section of the wire or rod to the longitudinal strain.

What is ytterbium ?

What is ytterbium ?
Source: Wikipedia
Ytterbium is an Element. Information is as follow:-

  • SymbolYb
  • Electron configuration: [Xe] 4f146s2
  • Atomic number: 70
  • Atomic mass: 173.04 u
  • CAS ID: 7440-64-4
  • Period: period 6

What is yttrium ?

What is yttrium ?
Source: Wikipedia
Yttrium is an Element. Information is as follow:-

  • Symbol: Y
  • Electron configuration: [Kr] 4d15s2
  • Atomic number: 39
  • Atomic mass: 88.90585 u
  • Van der Waals radius: 240 pm
  • Period: period 5
  • Melting Point: 1523℃
  • Boiling Point: 3338℃
  • Use: is used in some alloys for superconductors and also in television phosphors.

What is Yukawa force ?

 The strong-range force between nucleons, calculated the assumption that this force is due to the exchange of a particle of finite mass (Yukawa meson). just as electrostatic forces are interpreted in quantum electrodynamics as being due to the exchange of photons

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