Children Film and TV Quiz
< script > var quiztitle = "Childrens Film and TV Quiz"; var quiz = [{ "question": "Who is this?", "image": "boo.jpg", "choices": [ "James P. Sullivan", "Mike Wazowski", "Boo", "Randall Boggs" ], "correct": "Boo", }, { "question": "What is the name of The Lion from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?", "choices": [ "Peter", "Edmund", "MR.Tumnus", "Aslan" ], "correct": "Aslan", }, { "question": "Who is this from Toy Story?", "image": "woody.jpg", "choices": [ "Buzz Lightyear", "Woody", "Slinky Dog", "Rex" ], "correct": "Woody", }, { "question": "In waht house did the sorting hat almost put Harry Potter in?", "choices": [ "Slytherin", "Hufflepuff", "Gryffindor", "Ravenclaw" ], "correct": "Slytherin", }, { "question": "Whitch fish from finding nemo has memory loss?", "choices": [ "Nemo", "Gill", "Dory", "Peach" ], "correct": "Dory", }, ];

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